Matua Primary School

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The School and Community

Matua is a “zoned” contributing Primary School catering for students from year 1 through 6, and is situated on the Matua Peninsular, approx 6 kms from the centre of tauranga. The school roll fluctuates from 380 to 400 pupils over a full year and supports staffing of around 18 full time teacher equivalents.

Children completing year 6 generally go on to attend Otumoetai Intermediate School. The catchment area that the school serves, comprises real estate in the middle to upper price range. The community make up is changing as elderly people move out to retirement homes and families move in. A small shopping area is located 200 m from the school, with a much larger facility sited at Cherrywood. The school and community are seen as a very desirable area in which to live and have children eduacated. The school has in the past enrolled a significant number of students who have relocated from overseas.

The school has 18 classrooms on the site. There is an excellent purpose built library, a fully resourced ICT suite with an excellant hall and attached ” multi- purpose” rooms. These areas serve to foster and enhance the educational opportunities offered within the school. In addition there is a heated swimming pool and two modern advernture playground areas. There are ample curriculum related resources and each room has at least one fully networked multi media capable computer.

In general the children are able and motivated, and hail from relatively stable home backgrounds. Parents are very supportive of the school and it’s staff. The school is fortunate to be supported by an effective parent teacher Assn.

In conclusion, Matua School is a great place for children to learn, and staff to teach. A team spirit is fostered and support and guidance forthcoming. We welcome all in the knowledge that they will add to the motivation, inovation, dedication and achievement, already promulgated within the school.

School parent fee Donations:

Parent donations are set at $75.00 per year.

Activity fees are charged on an individual basis prior to each extra curricular programme presentation.

School Hours

Lessons begin at   8.55 a.m.         morning interval   10.30 – 10.55 a.m.

Lunch time          12.30 – 1.30 p.m.            school closes at       3.00 p.m.

Contacts          Ph:  07 5769 027    email:            link:

Principal   Craig Wallis

Viewing the new sign as you pass Matua Primary entrance you may be forgiven for thinking that the school has changed their symbol from a Kotuku (white Heron) to a Tui. After 50 years with the Kotuku the school felt that a change was needed but instead of replacing the heron with the Tui the decision was to have both.

Why the Tui?  It is long believed that Matua School was named after the Matua Iwi Pa that was located on the hill on the corner of Matua Road and Manuwai Drive. The suburb itself changed from being Otumoetai West to Matua after the school changed from Levers Road School.

matua-logo-e1528864289917.jpg                                      matua-logo-2-e1528864176900.jpg

Ngati        tell of a Tui that spoke to the Rangitira (chief) of Matua Pa and offered two very sound levels of advice. It is these words of wisdom that the school considers are valuable lessons for the children to learn.

While the Kotuku is honest, wise and helpful the Takahia the talking Tui is determined and hardworking and is on a journey to become a Matua Learner. Along the way he learns important lessons from Kotuku the wise white heron – and finds that being a Matua Learner is special.


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