Matua Moments

Every six months the Assn publishes a community newspaper to residents of Matua and Cherrywood known as The Matua Moments.  The publication has been underway since 2005, although at one stage it was a part of Western Link publication to western suburbs.

This provides the Assn with a vehicle to promote it’s activities and inform residents about activities that are or have occurred in the suburb.

Here  are previous copies:

Matua Moments Issue #9 Spring-Summer 2019

Matua Moments #8 Autumn winter 2019 

Matua Moments Issue #7 Spring-Summer

Matua Moments #6 2018

Proof – Matua Moments Issue #5 Spring-Summer 2017 newsletter (002)

Proof – Matua Moments Issue 4 Autumn-Winter 2017

Proof – Matua Moments Issue 3 Spring-Summer 2016

proof – Matua Moments Issue #2 Autumn-Winter