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Margaret Sadler Memorial Tournament


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Margaret Sadler Memorial Winners

Levers Road, Matua, Tauranga

PO BOX 8098     Cherrywood
Phone: (07) 5769980  Fax: (07) 5761262

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The Matua Bowling Club is a Lawn Bowling Club situated on Levers Road , Matua, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. The Club boasts two maniatoto greens and one artificial green.
Part of the BOP centre Matua Bowling Club was established in 1966 and recently celebrated 50 years. It is a community club of 156 Men and women Full playing members. A further 69 social and limited contribute to a total 225 members however you can add on up to 300 casuals from such activities as the summer social league attracting over 100 players and now a Business House league that attracts 8 teams.Visit our website or contact us to find out how to become a club member. An invitation is extended to all residents (of any age) to visit the facilities we have at Matua Bowls and Social Centre.

We can offer you Bolivia and marjong card club plus we have pool tables “8 ball” and we can even show you how to play lawn bowls.

Come in and check us out, preferably on a Friday afternoon and if you like what you see you can apply for a social membership @ $20 per year.

Membership Categories  Year starts July.

Full Playing Members  $240.00 per year

Entitled to all the Playing, Social and Clubhouse privileges of the club.

Associate Members  $60.00 per Year

Must be a Financial Full Playing Member of another affiliated Bowling Club. May play on the Club Greens on 20 days in the Financial Year.

Limited Members  $160.00

May participate in the Social and Clubhouse activities and may play on the Club Greens on 15 days in the Financial Year.

Social Members $20.00 per year

May participate in Social and Clubhouse activities but have no Playing rights

Secondary Student member  25% of Full or Limited membership per year

Note: Associate & Limited Members cannot play in Club Trophy events.

Casual $20.00 per game

Twilight  $5.00 per game