Civil Defence – Emergency Management

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Tsunami Warning

If you are near a beach and feel a strong earthquake or notice the sea receding unusually, quickly move to higher ground (you may have only a few minutes).

Take yourself and others to higher ground – at least 35m above sea level is best.

  • If you cannot go higher, go inland – at least 1.5km.
  • Do not return for at least one hour or until you are told it is safe.
  • Do not wait for a tsunami warning before moving to higher ground.
  • Do not go near rivers and inlets because they make tsunami waves larger.
  • If a tsunami is coming from a long way away then warnings will be given. Tsunami warnings will be given on your local radio, via a siren, or loud hailer.

Turn your radio on and follow instructions.

  • Take only what is needed if you are told to evacuate.
  • Do not go to the beach to watch the waves come in.
  • If you are on a boat, stay on the water. Do not return to port. Tsunamis can cause very fast changes in water levels and unusual currents in ports and harbours.

Eathquake hotspots

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