The Stone Bridge

high tide

Hello Folks   This from Council as at 17th March 2021

Thank you for your patience in regards to an update about the replacement bridge at Kiriwai Place Reserve.  Following the second round of consultation and consideration of community feedback from a total of 159 members of the community and the Matua Residents Association, Council has made a decision that a design similar to Option 2 (masonry) will be constructed, with commencement of work expected to begin before July 2021. The design (details provided below) will be constructed similar in design and dimension (including width) to the existing bridge, although some changes in design may be necessary to respond to contemporary construction standards and best practice.  It is anticipated that wherever practical, materials from the existing bridge will be re-used in the new bridge. The new bridge will not be specifically designed to provide for vehicles such as grass mowers, with the carriageway to be approximately 2 metres in width. The site of the existing bridge will be planted in suitable low level native coastal plant species.

During construction suitable signage will be placed in the area.  Contractors will access the site principally from Fergusson Park although at times the Kiriwai Place entrance into the reserve may be used.

Masonry Bridge

Design: A curved masonry bridge with concrete floor and grouted rock walls, approximately 6.5 metres inland from the current bridge location. A concept of the bridge is provided in the image below.

Kiriwai Reserve Stormwater outlet

2 thoughts on “The Stone Bridge

  1. The old stone bridge is a feature. Just repair it. Don’t pontificate, don’t engage consultants, simply engage a suitably qualified stone mason to effect the repairs to make it politically safe.


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