Greetings from the Committee

Welcome to the website hosted by Matua Residents Assn for the people of Matua.

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If you have any comments or suggestions contact any one on the committee or email to   and we will respond as soon as practicable.

Committee Membership

Richard Kluit  Chairman      0274337675  5761259

Mike Dyer  Treasurer         576 9289        Annette  Timms          576 2024

Lyn Donovan                      576 4942         Paul Chapman             570 0555

Neil Chinnery-Brown         576 5991

Brian and Collette McKenzie          570 3670

Derek Beaven                      576 1777

Matua has this website to provide information to our local community, and inform others from around the world just what is on offer in our fabulous suburb. It is our intention to add more information and provide links to other areas of interest and business networks that will benefit residents. We have a number of photos of early Matua that we would like to add to the site and hope there will be other photos out there that some of our early families can provide to us.

We are keen to develop this asset further but the committee lacks the skills to take it to the level we would like it to be. If you have these skills and would like to contribute to our community then we would like to hear from you. Email to the above or contact Richard on 0274337675.